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FLEETWOOD MAC – TUSK (2019 RE-ISSUE) //Rhino// (Released 29th November)



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£27.99 – 1xLP Limited Edition Silver Vinyl

Track Listing:

  1. “over & over”
  2. “the ledge”
  3. “think about me”
  4. “save me a place”
  5. “sara”
  6. “what makes you think you’re the one”
  7. “storms”
  8. “that’s all for everyone”
  9. “not that funny”
  10. “sisters of the moon”
  11. “angel”
  12. “that’s enough for me”
  13. “brown eyes”
  14. “never make me cry”
  15. “i know i’m not wrong”
  16. “honey hi”
  17. “beautiful child”
  18. “walk a thin line”
  19. “tusk”
  20. “never forget”

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Limited Edition Silver Coloured Vinyl 2xLP