Free Shipping When You Spend £50 – Imagine That!

Stay Loyal Club

Join our loyalty club! Pledge your allegiance, and we will send you lovely things…

Our little record shops foundations are built on our amazing customers loyalty. Many become friends, and often pop in for a natter about what they are listening to, what we can recommend and other various life tales. We quite often thank them by offering drinks, food and the odd bit of merch on the house.

It’s one of the many wonderful things that seem to happen when selling something that ignites such passion. You get to meet and greet likeminded folk who care and support the principles that an independent shop like us offers, a human experience.

This can never be matched on the internet. But we will try…

As we move into the parallel dimension – we want to reward your loyalty in the same way. We love the idea that as you buy records, you gain points. Apparently points mean prizes? So, let’s try this out…

When you purchase your first record with us, you will automatically open an account. This will track your purchases and your points. For every £1 you spend with us you get one point. You can redeem your points at any time or save them up fort a big spend. Just sue them at the till point. Choose from our merch section, a record for the equivalent points value – or anything from the list below.

Although this isn’t a particularly new idea, (I think maybe the Shell garage started it) It is a way for us to thank you for your custom, and loyalty and to send you something back. Our way of doing that, is to try and get a piece of the shop experience, to you in your home.

So, thank you for buying from us, we really do appreciate it! Thank you for your loyalty if you decide to buy from us again! We are stoked at the thought that you could be sat at home in a far-off land, eating a pie and wearing a t shirt, about to listen to the record you bought from us…

Stay loyal club Prize List

• 10% off any order – 100 points
• A Pie to cook at home in Lunchbox – 200 points
• Any Pie&Vinyl Hat – 200 points
• Any Pie&Vinyl T shirt – 250 points
• 25% off any order – 250 points
• 50% Off any order – 500 points
• Any Pie&Vinyl Sweatshirt or Hoodie– 500 points
• A £50 donation to a charity of your choice – 500 points
• The chance for a member of staff to visit your home and cook you pie and mash and play records for you at the same time – 100,000 points

Look out for more offers soon!